Thursday, September 24, 2009

WitchMix Podcast #3: Peace, Gratitude & More on Ancestral Altars

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This is the third episode of the WitchMix podcast, recorded on International Peace Day. The focus of this episode is on finding peace within in order to have it without, and how to obtain a more peaceful state by way of gratitude. A review of an iPhone/iPod Touch application, Gratitude Journal, is included, as well as songs that tie in the concepts of self peace, world peace and gratitude.

iPhone Gratitude App


Oseanna of the Get Witchified podcast’s webclass info at
Brook, the iPod Witch at:
Luisah Teish at
Michael Jackson - Man in the Mirror (music video from YouTube)
John Lennon - Give Peace a Chance (music video from YouTube) - Peace Organizations

*NOTE: I misspoke. The concert video I refer to is MJ Live From Bucharest, not Budapest (Guess Z. was on my mind).